#rickywhitney is on an audacious adventure! We’re hosting weekly dinners at our huge table.

Please take a minute to read about this adventure here (Medium Article).

We’d love to have you join us. Pick a date below that works and RSVP.

september, 2020

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september, 2020

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october, 2020

No Events

november, 2020

No Events

We’re kid friendly now (well, at least there is a room with no cactii) and we try to accommodate dietary restrictions (just let us know). We are not all that accommodating on sniffles, though. If you feel sick or were just recently sick we want you to come… just another time.  Please help us with RSVP diligence – it makes a big difference.

Some photos from previous dinners.

If you want me to email you every time I add new dinners please send me an email at eat@epic-table.com


Why are you doing this?

Read the medium article.

Can I bring my kids?

Yes! We have a room with no pointy things and a wii on the projector in there. Also, if they like sitting with adults and having conversation they’re welcome at table.

What does it cost?

This is the most surprising question for me. Nothing. We might email you to bring a side but we do this because we love dinner parties and people.

Can I come more than once?

Absolutely! We’d love that.

What if I sign up and can’t come?

Please head over to the “dinner” link and update your rsvp. If possible also text Ricky at +1 816 288 9936.

I have allergies/dietary restrictions, is that a problem?

No. Make a note in the rsvp and we will try to cater. No problems so far.

Can I bring my friends?

Yes, the more the merrier.

I’ve never met you IRL, can I still come?

Yes! We LOVE meeting new people.

Can I bring my pet?


Is this Amway/Herbalife/doTerra/LifeVantage/Avon/Mary Kay?

No, we are not trying to recruit you to do anything. We just want to feed you and enjoy your company.